Jewelry Suggestions For Your Special Day

Over the next few weeks, Dream Jewelry will feature selected pieces & sets from our latest bridal / wedding collections, all carefully curated by leading jewelry consultants. Let us help you select what’s best for the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids.

Step One: Choose Engagement / Wedding Sets

Today we take a closer like at our fabulous selection of engagement rings and wedding sets for the bride-to-be. We also provide some helpful buying tips for guys and gals. Dream Jewelry has over 800 affordably priced products from which to choose.

Step Two:  Wedding Party Jewelry Sets

Explore Dream Jewelry's new selection of wedding sets for the bride, bridesmaids, flower girls and special relatives. When accessorizing your wedding party, the bride comes first. Once the star of the show’s accessories are complete we move to the bridesmaids and special relatives.

How to Determine Your Jewelry Size

We've created a very easy method to determine your ring size.  Simply follow these instructions. Take note of some common atmospheric conditions that may alter your measurement. Also available are standard necklace and bracelet lengths.

Why Buy Imitation Jewelry?

People frequently ask us why we believe our imitation jewelry line is so popular. Through inspiring conversations with our customers, we found that the allure of faux reproductions it is not only price. Below are a few reasons for buying imitation jewelry that they've kindly shared with us.

What is Cubic Zirconia

Cubic zirconia is a hard, synthesized material that’s optically flawless. Clear is most poopular. Introduced almost 50 years ago, it has remained a highly sought substitute for real diamonds due to affordability, non resource depleting supply and excellent value.

Materials: Know What You're Buying

Before purchasing your jewelry, we recommend you review this article that explains the types of metal, plating and stones most frequently used in our affordable collection of occasional and fashion jewelry. 

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