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  • Bejeweled CZ Pear Drop Necklace
    Bejeweled CZ Pear Drop Necklace Bejeweled CZ Pear Drop Necklace Bejeweled CZ Pear Drop Necklace

Necklace size is based on your fashion preference. You decide where you'd like them to hang based on style, dress cut and correct positioning of decorative pendants, if included. Unlike rings which are fabricated to specific sizes and can only be modified by jewelry technicians, necklaces can usually be adjusted after purchase by carefully removing links and reattaching the clasps.

The following image depicts the approximate length for necklaces based on this woman's 13 inch neck. Teenage girls range close to 11-13 inches. Women from 12-15 inches.

Genuine Rhodium Plated Assorted Necklace with Prong Set Pear and Round Cut Clear Cubic Zirconia.

Polished into a Lustrous Silvertone Finish.  Adopt a piece of glamour with this elegant necklace set with glistening round and pear cut cubic zirconia this instant classic is a must-have for dressing up the most basic of wardrobes. Our genuine rhodium finish is achieved using an electroplating process that coats the item with heavy layers of rhodium a close cousin to platinum which gives our jewelry a platinum luster.

  • Centerstone: 9mm
  • Materials: Cubic Zirconia
  • Stone Cut: Round, Pear
  • Carat Weight: 0.6ct
  • Color: Clear
  • Style: Classic, Anniversary, Bridal, Wedding Setting
  • Type: Pave
  • Base Metal: Lead Free Alloy(Brass)
  • Plating Color: Silvertone Finish Necklace
  • Clasp: Box Clasp 

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Bejeweled CZ Pear Drop Necklace

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